Photos from the 12/29 Anniversary Show!  

There have been some cool audience photos and some video footage posted, along with some wonderful comments on our Facebook page. Click here to check 'em out! 

We also had two wonderful professional photographers taking photos out in the house, on stage, and back stage. 

Stephanie Smith has two galleries:
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE

Julie Rowe has a gallery HERE where you can scan through the photos which are marked "proof."

Both websites will allow those interested to buy copies of photos, or you can just browse. Thanks to Stephanie and Julie for doing an amazing job!

25th Anniversary Show at Charleston Music Hall  

What an incredible night on Sunday, December 29! Thank you to all our fans who attended, and all of you who have been posting comments on Facebook etc. Most of all, thanks to all the amazing musicians who took time to come down and spend an evening with us, many of them singing our songs back to us:  all four members of Hootie and the Blowfish, Edwin McCain, Radney Foster, Dan Lotti, Danielle Howle, Doug Jones, Gary Greene, Mac Leaphart, John Satterfield, Tommy Dew, Kevin Wadley, Wallace Mullinax, Murray Baroody, and all of our Blue Dogs brethren past and present: Greg Walker, Jason Hawthorn, Daren Shumaker, Jamie Harper, Charlie Thompson, John Fussell, Parker Dewitt, Buck Bradberry, Phillip Lammonds, David Stewart, Evans Nicholson, Scotty Price.  We'd also like to thank our good friends in the crew who made it all happen:  Sandy Morgan, Wayne Slagle, Carlos Webb, Andrew Higdon, Lin Clegg, and the production manager of the whole thing, our friend Peter Jackson. For all of them, and the good folks at the Charleston Music Hall, we are so grateful. Pictures are surfacing on the internet, but we will also have our own photos, and audio, and video of the event to share in the near future. Happy New Year to all!

25 Years of Blue Dogs 

"25 Years of Blue Dogs," our photo (and eventually video and audio) archive, is slowly but surely getting set up in time for the 25th Anniversary show...a few photos have been uploaded on our new "Photo Archive" page, but in the coming week, you'll see dozens and dozens from over our entire career. Check back often!

Music City Roots Broadcast 

Our Music City Roots performance was broadcast on SC ETV stations on Wednesday 10/23/13...but you can access the full show at the Music City Roots archives. Our original show date was 10/17/12, and the link to the live stream is right HERE!

Check out this video from last year's Music City Roots performance!




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